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Fear not when, fear not why,
Fear not much while were alive,
Life is for living not living up tight…

Things that interest me…

…Layla & Mollie!


…individual sports: running, golf, snowboarding, anything with a racquet!

…music & lyrics!


…baby giraffe’s eyelashes!

…TV: The Office, Park & Rec, Parenthood, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

…music from the 60’s & 70’s!


…Words with Friends app!

I’d be shitting myself if I were this guy…

I’d be shitting myself if I were this guy…

You can learn how to be you in time. It’s easy.

Where the H am I and how the F did I get here?

..seriously, someone tell me. What is tumblr? What happened to the e?

tumblrbot asked: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?

Dinosaurs fo’ sho.

I'm Danielle - an American wife with goals.